Bryant McAllister

Engaging communities through DNA, one Genetics Club at a time – Professor Bryant McAllister – April 17, 2018

Professor Bryant McAllister, founder of the DNA Interest Group, will share his strategy on:

– How to inspire students to learn more about DNA
– How to lead a successful Genetics Club
– How to motivate students to share genetics outside of the classroom and share their passion for genetics with the local community

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Now is the time to teach personal genetics – Professor David Matthes

With the explosion of genomic data and its promise to revolutionize personal and public health, today’s students can benefit from practical skills to effectively access, interpret and analyze real genetic data. What if your students can learn genetics by investigating their own genome instead of reading a textbook? What would that entail?

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Prepare students to solve real-world problems – Esther Wojcicki

What we know for sure: there is a growing gap between what current education provides and what people need for the future. In our ever-changing world, students need to know how to learn, adapt and solve new challenges. How can we close this widening gap? How can we prepare students for their future?

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Big data and human health – Professor Michael Snyder

Big data and algorithms are used by companies to precisely target consumers — for example, predicting and recommending what they might want to shop for or shows they might want to watch. Now these same technologies are helping to create personalized medical treatment plans.

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Genetic ancestry matters in precision medicine – Professor Esteban Burchard

Ever wondered why some racial/ethnic communities have higher rates of disease and how they may respond differently to certain treatments? Learn new research insights and incorporate them into your curriculum.

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History in Your DNA: The Complex Genetic Portrait of the U.S. – 23andMe’s Dr. Kasia Bryc

Explore the history hidden in our DNA with Dr. Kasia Bryc, lead author of the 2014 study, The Genetic Ancestry of African Americans, Latinos and European Americans Across the United States, which analyzed the 23andMe database* in order to shed light on the ancestral differences of today’s Americans.

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