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Estimate Ancestry Composition from SNP Data

Learning Objectives: Identify the discriminating information provided by allele frequency differences among reference populations for…

Undergraduate Continuing Education

Discover your Personal Family History

Objectives: Discover personal family History through first person interviews with family members. Understand and implement…

Undergraduate Continuing Education

Create your Autogenomography to Explore Your Ancestry

Students explore their ancestry and the genetic contributions of their “minor ancestors” using the 23andMe…

Elementary School Middle School High School Undergraduate Continuing Education

23andMe Human Pre-History Introduction

Students will be introduced to human evolution: from our early beginnings in Africa to the…

Middle School High School Undergraduate

23andMe Neanderthal Variants in Ethnic Populations

This lesson was presented at the Association for Molecular Pathology’s Science Educator Workshop in November,…

*Our tests can be used to determine carrier status in adults, but cannot determine if you have two copies of the genetic variant. Each test is most relevant for people of certain ethnicities. The tests are not intended to diagnose a disease, or tell you anything about your risk for developing a disease in the future. On their own, carrier status tests are not intended to tell you anything about the health of your fetus, or your newborn child’s risk of developing a particular disease later in life.

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