We are all connected.

Genetics is the link.

The mission of Genetics Clubs is to empower college students to cultivate a deeper appreciation for their genetic information and learn about the latest insights in genetics research.

Students become more aware of how their DNA may impact their health and proactively develop positive lifelong habits.

Students share their discoveries through a range of interdisciplinary perspectives, including language, music, art, history, engineering, and science.

Finally, students are encouraged to engage with their campus communities by facilitating conversations on how genetics and the latest genetics research can be used to drive positive social change.

How to start a Genetics Club

Complete the Genetics Club
application form

Learn DNA basics with
the Genetics 101 booklet

Read the Genetics Club Starter Guide
to get inspired to lead events!

Who you are: College student leaders

  • U.S. college students ages 18 years and older
  • You want to learn about yourself and how you are connected to others and to the world through your genetics
  • You have strong leadership and communication skills
  • You are active in your school community
  • You are passionate about sharing ideas with others
  • You want to help people access, understand, and benefit from the human genome

What you can learn: Career skills

  • Engage with people from your school, local community, and perhaps all over the world
  • Learn the latest insights in genetics and share them with your teachers and fellow students. You become the go-to expert!
  • Develop your communication and writing skills
  • Develop your organizational and networking skills
  • Develop your technical competency skills
  • Develop your leadership skills

What you can do: Connect people

  • Host at least one campus event per month
  • Actively interact with other students, teachers, and community leaders
  • Engage your club members and facilitate club communication
  • Support the launch of Genetics Clubs at other college campuses by talking with other leaders

What you will receive: Genetics Club Box

  • Each club leader will receive a Genetics Club Box, which contains T-shirts, stickers, Genetics 101 booklets and DNA Decoder student magazines. The DNA Decoder magazine features interesting genetics news, conversation questions, discussion prompts and other educational materials.
  • Occasionally, we will send 23andMe team members to speak at select Genetics Clubs that have strong club member engagement.

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