Seeing Our Ancestry Through Our DNA
In this episode of The DNA Download, Halleta meets Erica Bellman, 23andMe Ancestry Content Writer, who explains how scientists unravel your ancestry composition and recent ancestor locations. Learn where all those ancestry percentages come from.

Key words:ancestry composition, recent location ancestors, genetics, DNA

Erica Bellman is a 23andMe as Ancestry Content Writer. She’s responsible for researching and writing engaging and informative content that allows customers to develop a more complete picture of their ancestry. As a lifelong storyteller (she published her first poem in an anthology at age 8), Erica is constantly seeking new ways to better express ideas about who we are and where we come from.

Erica has worked as an art and design journalist for The New York Times, Interview, New York Magazine, and other publications. She’s written impactful copy and content for consumer brands like Allbirds, Under Armour, Gap, Levi’s, and Mountain Hardwear. When she’s not writing, Erica is a voracious reader, surfer, rock climber, runner, and vegetarian cook.