DNA 101
In this episode of The DNA Download, Halleta meets Patricia Penton, 23andMe Software Engineer, who explains what DNA is, how DNA is organized, how it gets passed from mom and dad, how scientists read the DNA letters, and more.

Keywords: gene expression, recombination, sequencing, genotyping, genetics, DNA

Patricia Penton is a software engineer at 23andMe. Patricia is mainly responsible for building internal web-based tools to support various teams within the company. Prior to joining 23andMe, Patricia was a microbiologist at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta. She studied molecular biology at the University of Cincinnati, where she investigated HIV phylogenetics, and hepatitis B virus drug resistance. Before becoming a microbiologist, Patricia was a community organizer for a political nonprofit group. She worked on several local, state, and federal elections throughout the Midwest. As a former docent at the CDC Museum, and a former teaching assistant, Patricia is passionate about STEM education for all ages. Follow Patricia on Twitter @pkpenton.