Brains, Games And DNA Discovery
In this episode of The DNA Download, Halleta meets Will Smith, 23andMe Research Survey Methodologist, who explains how scientists combine games with neuroscience and genetics to learn how our brain works. We hope that we can learn more about neurological and mental health disorders and help advance treatment for these and other conditions affecting the brain.

Key words:neuroscience, empathy, brain, games, genetics, DNA

Will Smith is a Research Survey Methodologist for the Data Collection Team at 23andMe and the Decoder’s Creative Director. He supports the  development, testing, and implementation of our cognitive and interactive data collection tools. He also creates surveys, conducts user testing sessions, and designs spirit swag. William has a background in, design, education and community development, and earned his B.A. in Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Southern California, where he was also the mascot!